Here’s How To Avoid A Boring Wedding

White dress, flowers, cake…yep, seen that about a hundred times. Weddings that adhere by general rules can be such boring affairs. So, if you’re tying the knot and want your special day to be truly special here are some pointers to help you by.

Surprise Your Guests

Your guests put a lot of effort, time and money to be a part of your magical day, so why not surprise them and get some fun out of it for yourself too. Go for bridal dance lessons so that you can hold a spectacular show for your guests.

Whether it Latin, hip hop or classical ballroom dancing lessons Melbourne, these are offered at affordable prices and packages which you can choose from. Have a photo booth at your reception with crazy props, for your guests to pick from. Keep a jar at the entrance titled “marriage advice” where your guests and pop in a wise word or two!

Pick a Theme

Themed weddings are awesome weddings. Get together with your husband/ bride to be and pick out a theme that both of you like. For example, if you are the type to wake up early Saturday morning just to watch cartoons, a wedding with a cartoon theme with decorations of your favorite characters; is for you. If both of you are history buffs, plan your wedding with a theme of a specific era or chapter in history. You two can be the king and queen and your guests the loyal subjects!

Pick a Special Venue

Celebrate your new journey of love amidst a magical setting. Of the most beautiful of wedding venues, beaches stand out the best. Soft, powdery sands, plenty of sunshine and the soothing sound of crashing waves are the ultimate backdrop. But make sure your guests are informed so, as they will need to wear appropriate clothing and footwear. If you’re not a fan of beaches, you can be like Bella Swan and Edward Cullen and choose to have your wedding in a stunning wood setting. Just don’t invite any vampires though!

Destination Weddings

This is taking your wedding to a whole new level! Destination weddings are a rising trend these days, especially among couples who like travelling together. One of the most important things to consider is to choose a destination for your wedding that is easy and affordable for both you and your guests to get to. However, if you’re planning on going all out, some of the most popular of venues for destinations weddings around the world would be Maldives and Thailand. Once you’ve chosen a destination, check if there are any hotels in that area that offer any special wedding packages-this can save a lot of your money and time.

Steps To Planning The Perfect Party

Planning a party is always a lot of fun and often times is more fun than the party itself. You will need to start by making a guest list which will need to include the friends and family of the birthday girl or boy. Of course, this might prove to be a little difficult as you will not know for sure who the friends and family of the birthday girl or boy are outside of your own clique of friends and therefore, building up a guest list will require quite a bit of research and time. You can get a few people involved in the guest list planning including the birthday girl or birthday boy’s parents and immediate family who will have a better idea of all his or her friends.

Choosing a party theme

You will need to choose a party theme based on the birthday girl or birthday boys likes and favourite things. If he or she loves Brazil for example, you can choose to throw a Brazilian themed party with lots of Brazilian music and Brazilian dance. You can build it up in a way that you can have Brazilian decorations to make your home or the venue that you have chosen for the party look exactly like Brazil or a Brazilian party. VIsit this link for more info on Brazilian dance Sydney.

If you have a bigger budget in mind, you might even want to consider hiring professional Brazilian entertainment for the event to make the whole event seem a lot more authentic. You can have a party planner come in and create an atmosphere that looks just like a Brazilian traditional event. Of course, there is no reason that the party has to be themed at all. If you have a very limited budget, you can even choose to make it a potluck event which will not have any cost involvement at all and will still be just the same amount of fun. You can have various people bring in different kinds of food to the event as the best part about any event will be the food, the drinks and the music. How a potluck party works is, the host, in this case, you will need to make a list of all the things that you will need to for the party in terms of food and drinks and then, you can allocate the items to different guests and have them bring it in for the party. You can then ask the remaining guests to bring in anything they like provided they inform you prior to make sure that the things are not repeated.